Business and Corporate

Small business is the foundation of our economy. For many of us, it is the foundation of our personal wealth and represents a total investment of our labor, our capital and, more importantly, our dreams.

It is crucial to give thoughtful attention to the formalities of your business structure. Choices between proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s and Corporations have long-term consequences for your business and immediate implications for your taxes. State and Federal authorities will scrutinize your documents if any issues arise, and your personal financial health may depend on the protections your business structure provides.

Let us assist you with a consultation to determine whether any changes to your structure are necessary, and then to help set up your company the right way. We can provide expert help with:

  • Business structure and setup
  • Corporate documentation
  • Initial IRS documentation
  • Business licenses and regulations
  • Employment contracts
  • Business buy-sell agreements
  • Commercial leases and other contracts
  • Sale and dissolution

Additionally, we provide legal services to nonprofit organizations which have all of the above issues, and many unique features of their own.