Sweeping New Washington Legislation Impacts All HOAs & COAs

The Washington Legislature in 2018 enacted a comprehensive set of new statutes governing Homeowners’ Associations (“HOAs”) and condominium owners’ associations (“COAs”).  This new legislation is entitled the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (“WUCIOA”), and it became effective July 1, 2018.  The new legislation is intended to clarify issues and resolve uncertainties that existed under …read more

Death Tax Confusion

Everyone knows about income taxes.  Some of us are familiar with payroll taxes.  But few have a grip on the arcane world of estate and gift taxes. Fortunately, most of us can now continue to ignore this tax.  The federal exemption has been set at over $10 million dollars.  That means that so long as …read more


If you are consulting this post, then you have likely suffered a recent loss. Though I do not yet know you, I express to you my sincere condolences as I understand what you are facing. Grief is very real. It impacts each one of us uniquely, but it is not uncommon. And I can assure …read more

Plan “B”

Clients come to me with clear ideas about how they expect things to unfold. They develop their estate plan around these expectations. For example, most husbands anticipate that their wife will outlive them. Most parents anticipate they will die before their children. However, it does not always work out this way. “Bob” came to see …read more

Keys and Passwords

An elderly client of mine was preparing to leave my office after signing his documents. I asked him where he intended to store them, as originals have to be protected when it comes to estate planning paperwork. He said that he had a safe. I asked whether anyone had access to the safe, since it …read more

What to Expect

There are many hurdles to overcome in getting your Will and other estate planning documents done. One of the biggest is the uncertainty of what will occur and how much it will cost. Most people have not had to consult with a lawyer, or if they have, it may have been a very unpleasant experience. …read more

Putting the Kids on Your Accounts

  Growing older brings with it financial challenges. Apart from the normal ones of simply “making ends meet”, come the practical ones such as: “I’m slowing down, shouldn’t I have someone on my bank account with me?” Or, “what if something happens and I’m not able to handle my own bills?” Many of my clients …read more

New Retainer Plan Offer For Medium-Sized And Smaller Associations

Previously our firm has provided legal fee retainer plans only to our larger HOA and COA Association clients. We are now pleased to offer a new retainer program that smaller Associations may find attractive. This plan is designed to make legal advice and related services readily available and more affordable for smaller and medium-sized Associations. …read more

Statutory Requirements RE HOA Association Meeting Minutes

Beginning in 2014 HOAs must now by law (RCW 64.38.035) “make available to each owner of record for examination and copying minutes from the previous Association meeting not more than sixty (60) days after the meeting.” Thus, minutes must be generated and must be available for all property owners to inspect within the 60-day period …read more

BEWARE: A Legal Challenge To Condominium Declaration (“CCRs”) Amendments Will Likely Fail If Not Commenced Within 1 Year

A recent Washington Supreme Court Case, Bilanko v. Barclay Court Owners Association, Wn.2d (2016) makes it clear that a legal challenge to an improperly adopted amendment to condominium CCRs must be brought within 1 year of the recording of the amendment. In Bilanko the Court considered an amendment to the CCRs for a condominium community …read more