Practice Areas

At Hansen, McConnell & Pellegrini we are pleased to offer our services in the following primary areas of concentration.

Personal and Maritime Injury

We have been successfully representing injured people in insurance and maritime claims for over twenty years. Some of these claims have involved death or catastrophic injury resulting in large awards or settlements. Some of them have been more modest in scope, but the injuries and suffering our clients experience is real and has a serious impact on their quality of life. We treat each case professionally and thoroughly to secure a just result in a often hostile environment. The “friendly” insurance company you are accustomed to changes completely when you make a claim. The only way to level the playing field is to have experienced, seasoned legal representation.

Auto Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

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Pedestrian Accidents

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Bicycle Accidents

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Slip and Fall

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Wrongful Death

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Estate Planning and Probate

“Planning for the Future and Caring for the Past” summarizes our approach to the very personal area of law dealing with passing a legacy to the next generation. Each family and each individual has unique needs. Some require careful tax planning to preserve the estate. Others need assistance with trusts to provide for young children. Every adult needs a will and a durable power of attorney. When a loved one does pass away, we are there to help you through the complex legal issues that surround the passage of property from one generation to the other.

Family Law and Dispute Resolution

Dissolution of a marriage is a painful experience. It is also filled with legal “landmines” that can permanently cripple the lives involved. Custody and support decisions will profoundly affect your future. No area of law is more emotional, yet more dangerous for the unrepresented. Our legal system does little to protect the unwary. Should you face a divorce, you need competent, caring counsel to see you through this difficult experience and help you make the right decisions. While adoption is one of the happiest experiences we can help with, making sure that your experience is untroubled by the legal pitfalls that surround it is still of utmost importance. We are here to walk through it with you.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions typically involve important decisions and large sums of money. Real estate disputes can be complex, costly and stressful. We provide sound advice and representation with respect to such transactions and disputes. Let us assist in protecting your interests and accomplishing your objectives. If you are buying or selling real estate, let us help design a purchase and sale agreement that will give you the protection you need.


Commercial and residential construction projects give rise to serious legal issues and disputes. We can provide sound legal advice in connection with your construction projects.

Homeowners Associations

If you are serving as an elected director or trustee on the Board of Homeowners Association or are simply a homeowner and member of such an Association, please let us advise and assist with the unique issues and conflicts that arise in such communities. We will provide sound advice, help find workable solutions and, if necessary, take legal action to resolve the issue or conflict.