Homeowners Associations

All condominium developments and many single family residential communities today were planned and developed with covenants in place to establish standards, restrictions and rules applicable to the entire community. Homeowners associations, typically organized as nonprofit corporations, are charged with the primary responsibility to enforce covenants and generally oversee condominium communities and many planned single family residential communities.

Legal issues and conflicts regarding the authority of homeowner associations and the rights and remedies of individual homeowners are increasingly common in these planned communities. Our firm represents both homeowner associations and individual homeowners in planned communities. We provide advice and representation to homeowners confronted with issues regarding covenants, rules, assessments and conflicts with neighbors or their association.

We also provide advice and representation to homeowner associations regarding enforcement and collection of delinquent homeowners’ dues and assessments, covenant and rule enforcement, review and preparation of association documents (e.g., covenants, bylaws, rules, articles, proxies, voting petitions), the preparation and review of vendor contracts and diverse litigation services.