Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that it is an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, motorcycle accident can be among some of the most serious. Even though there are many motorcycles on the road, drivers still often fail to pay attention or look for them. Motorcycle accidents are also often caused by negligent road maintenance and design. Whatever the reason, the experienced attorneys at Third Street Law are willing to have a free consultation with you about your case.

Don’t waste your time searching through the internet for the answers. Trust an expert who deals with the insurance company every day. We will give you the guidance that you need to maximize your recovery. Each case is unique and our client-focused practice will maximize your recovery. There is no need to go to Seattle and sit in traffic on I-5 (if you actually get any face-to-face time). As a small firm, we will get to know you and your story and help maximize your recovery.

Motorcycle Law

There are some laws that are unique in their application to motorcycles such as carrying passengers and cargo and increasing visibility. You need an attorney who is experienced with motorcycle accidents and can properly navigate your case through to ultimate resolution. The attorneys at Third Street Law have that experience.