Pedestrian Accidents

Many people are out there walking on a regular basis. Whether it’s for exercise or to get where you need to go, pedestrians have rights as they walk in and around auto traffic. As they cross the street, particularly within a controlled intersection, pedestrians are heavily regulated by Washington traffic laws.

Despite the protections that Washington law provides for pedestrians, and drivers’ knowledge that they are completely unprotected, auto pedestrian accidents continue to occur at a steady rate. This is an area of personal injury law where it is often clear who has the right of way. Because of that, as a pedestrian, you may have a good chance at recovering a judgment for your injuries.

Unfortunately, because a pedestrian is unprotected and vehicles have such great mass, these collisions often cause severe injuries including broken bones, injured joints, back & neck pain, and can even result in death (See wrongful death). Speak to an experienced pedestrian personal injury attorney today to determine your rights if you have been injured in a pedestrian/auto accident.